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  1. Have you ever physically injured someone else, in a fight or otherwise?

Yes. I’m not up for violence but I have to admitt once in Muse concert I almost rip off the face off a girl who almost burned my face with a cigarrette. I don’t know what came over me, but I really lost it and punched her in the face and in the stomach.  I really hate rude people and this person was parading her little self with the cig lit, waving it all over people’s faces. When I told her “ok, watch out, you almost burned my face”, she was like “oh darling you have nothing to loose” (wtf).

I started the fight. I have to admit. I pushed her forward and she fell over. When she stood up she grabbed my hair (apparently that’s what all girls do. But not me). I punched her clean on the face and on the stomach :P

I was so angry. Her boyfriend was like “what’s wrong with you?” and I’m like “she stared it.”  And I seriosuly feel ashamed of my reaction, but this woman, how can she walk through a crowd with a cigarette lit on her hand? And even if that’s allowed, you can say “I’m sorry” if you are about to burn someone. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it should be.

True. I shouldn’t have beaten her to a pulp, but you know. I just lost it. From that day on I have never ever lifted a finger on anyone ever again. I’m very against violence on a general rule.

From the moment she said what I highlighted in bold she was completely asking for that punch to the face.

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  1. What kind of dessert do you like best?

Dark chocolate of about 70% cocoa, and if I could just have it melt and be able to put it to everything I would. I am also really fond of lemon macarons and of course bitter chocolate ones.

  1. Have you ever physically injured someone else, in a fight or otherwise?

I once gave a surprise punch to some asshole who wanted me to mess with me me from behing. My spider sense just tingled at that moment and I threw my hand and hit him right in the face like in the cartoons.

I also hit with an umbrella a street harrased and slapped another so hard I moved him from where he was standing. But break arms, teeth or leave anyone bleeding? never really.And till this moment I have never really gotten into an actual fight O.o is odd considering I can really short my fuse at times

3. Create an anime boy with this generator and tell me about him!

This kuudere boy has moss-coloured hair worn in a ponytail and hope-filled red eyes. He likes to beat other people up and is way too invested in his own ideas once he starts getting worked up about them. He also wears bracelets.

pheff I just created another generic shonen action hero… needs white hair…

  1. Do you know anyone who actually has green eyes AND black hair?

I wonder if Rita was naturally dark haired… I honestly don’t know most people I know with gree eyes tend to dye their hair…

  1. How many liked posts do you have?

4485 and I go through purges once in a while but it seems endless…

  1. What’s one thing other people do that really irritates you? Like, your number one pet peeve.

When I in the half of a discusion the other person tries to move the goalposts just so they don’t have to concede defeat :/

  1. From the top three Shonen Jump series (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach), which world would you rather live in, if you had to?

I don’t read Bleach so no idea about that one, Naruto seems kinda fucked up no thanks, One piece world seems kinda dangerous as a world to live in but so is real world so I guess I could manage.

  1. I’m really hungry- tell me what your favorite meal is!

Breaded fried shrimp…  or shrimp  tacos it’s an specialty on my home you make them with some special tortillas for fried tacos and you fill them with oaxaca cheese, potato, celery and the boiled shrimp. then you fried them and garnish them with lettuce, carrot, some type of pumpkin and some tomato broth.

  1. On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being ‘not very’ and 10 being ‘extremely, extremely so’, how embarrassed are you by your 12 year old self?

0 I am not embarrased of my 12 year self at all… on the other hand I think my 12 year old self would be extremely disapointed in me.

  1. Name a movie you like that almost no one else you know does.

Queen of the Damned… I really, really like that one yet most people hate it.

Questions added by Canta.

  1. Favorite vegetable?
    Does Nori counts? I can just eat that thing on it’s own for hours.
  2. Do you like your hair best long, short or in between?
    LONG. I like it fucking long… and it never has been long enough… it frustates me to no end.
  3. Firm mattress or soft?
  4. On a hot day, how do you stay cool? (Run air conditioning, eat ice cream, sit in front of a fan, etc)
    there are times I can manage with a fan but if it’s not enough I turn on the air conditioner and never leave.
  5. When was the last time you lied?
    a few days ago maybe, dunno
  6. What was your favorite tv show as a kid?
    a pup named scooby doo, or doug, rocko’s modern life I don’t know I just stayed glued to ZAZ and Cartoon Network then Nickelodeon. Magic Knight Rayearth or Sailor Moon Maybe…
  7. Have you ever traveled abroad?
    Yes. many countries of Europe and also the USA
  8. Your first ever email address used….(aol, Hotmail, etc)
  9. PC or Mac?
    I have never really used a Mac…
  10. What was your first post on Tumblr about?
    I just changed some dialogs in hellsing to say about a joke about el amo del merol/the metal master kinda obscure to be honest
  11. 11.-Tell  me about your day!
    I have been procastinating all day except maybe for help my mom with the cooking, we ate hamburgers :D

    I erased Aurea’s questions about free because I honestly have nothing interesting to write on them :(

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I get so many emails like this I could publish a coffee table book full of them.


It’s especially amusing that this misogyny laced email is unironically signed “See you soon m’lady. *tips fedora*”


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Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain. It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom, and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial. Like it or not, fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. And I think it gets treated as trivial because women get treated as trivial. What’s more, there’s an interestingly sexist assumption that often gets made about female fashion — namely, that it’s primarily intended to get male attention and male approval.

"Los seres humanos no tienen derecho a el agua."



El presidente de Nestlé cree que el agua no es un derecho, que debería tener un valor de mercado y ser privatizada

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, un empresario austríaco que desde el año 2005 ejerce como presidente del grupo Nestlé, considera que se debería privatizar el suministro de agua para que como sociedad tomáramos consciencia de su importancia y acabásemos con el malbaratamiento que se produce en la actualidad.

Unas palabras las suyas que provocan cierto estupor, máxime si se tiene en cuenta que Nestlé es el líder mundial en la venta de agua embotellada. Un sector éste que le reporta el 8% de sus ingresos totales, que en el 2011 ascendieron hasta los 68.580 millones de euros.

Pero Brabeck ha salido al paso de estas y otras críticas para remarcar que el hecho de que mucha gente tenga la percepción de que el agua es gratuita hace que en demasiadas ocasiones no se le dé el valor que tiene y se malgaste. De ahí que sostenga que los gobiernos deben garantizar que cada persona disponga de 5 litros de agua diaria para beber y otros 25 litros para su higiene personal, pero que el resto del consumo se tendría que gestionar siguiendo criterios empresariales.

En su opinión, el agua debería ser tratada como cualquier otro bien alimenticio y tener un valor de mercado que viniera establecido por la ley de la oferta y la demanda (!!!). Sólo de esta manera, apunta, emprenderíamos acciones para limitar el consumo excesivo que se da en estos momentos. Toda un alma caritativa el señor Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.


Que podemos hacer para detener esta pesadilla que suena mas como a película de James Bond…firma la petición en el link, pasa la voz, pon este link en todos los medios sociales a los que tengas acceso, y si realmente quieres darle una mentada de madre, vamos a boicotear los productos de Nestle.

Que demonios… O.o


Casi siempre se me sientan señoras al lado xd


Casi siempre se me sientan señoras al lado xd

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I made new dress and headpiece. Black x blue this time. Do you like it? ;)

Wow wow wow yes I do like it very much damn

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my mom took away my 3DS because my room isn’t clean

I’m 21 years old

I am sure my mom would do the same if she just haven’t give up as I just would find another distraction XD 

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Is it me or Westlife was incredibly more whitebread as a boybands than the others… and all the guys in it seemed to be playing “the sensitive” one?